Manolo Martínez

Manolo Martínez


Universitat de Barcelona


I am an assistant professor (Ramon y Cajal fellow) at the philosophy department of the Universitat de Barcelona. Before that, I was a member of Bence Nanay’s research group at UAntwerpen, and even before that I did research at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and The Graduate Center, CUNY.

Most of what I do is related in some way with the question of what makes certain entities be about, mean, or represent others.


  • Philosophy of Cognitive Science
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Philosophy of Biology


  • PhD in Philosophy, 2010

    Universitat de Barcelona

  • MA in Philosophy, 2006

    Universitat de Barcelona

  • BSc in Chemical Engineering, 1998

    Institut Químic de Sarrià

Recent Publications

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Synergic Kinds

According to the homeostatic property cluster family of accounts, one of the main conditions for groups of properties to count as …

Representations are Rate-Distortion Sweet Spots

Information is widely perceived as essential to the study of communication and representation; still, theorists working on these topics …

Real Patterns and Indispensability

While scientific inquiry crucially relies on the extraction of patterns from data, we still have a far from perfect understanding of …

Deception as Cooperation

I develop a rate-distortion analysis of signaling games with imperfect common interest. Sender and receiver should be seen as jointly …

Usefulness Drives Representations to Truth

An important objection to signaling approaches to representation is that, if signaling behavior is driven by the maximization of …